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Skin Diamond stars in "Red is Ded!"
"I'm always getting detention. Fucking always. Itís like clockwork. The faculty canít get past the way I dress. What annoys me the most is the red marker used to write me up. I hate seeing that red marker telling me I need to stay after school. This time Iím going to teach them a lesson and paint the fucking school redÖ literally. I tagged up the walls and thought I could get away with it but Coach Cummings caught me. I was stuck. He spanked me, slapped me, licking me and fucked me in class..." -Skin Diamond
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  Skin Diamond video  
  Skin Diamond video  
Here at InnocentHigh we make sure our student body is in top form for any occasion that might come up such as: oral exam, full body physical, or just plain old pussy pounding. Come and join the faculty to make sure these girls are ready for the real world.
Innocent High
  Skin Diamond video  
  Skin Diamond video  
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